Become a volunteer for Marraine Tendresse de l’Estrie

Would you like to spend time with a baby and provide support to their parents?

Whether or not you have maternity experience, if you care about families’ well-being, have a will to help, and are comfortable with 0- to 12-month-old babies, you could make a difference in a family’s life!

What being a sponsor entails:

  • Three hours of home visits per week
  • Meeting the baby’s needs during visits
  • Lots of love and kindness

What a sponsor does not do:

  • Housekeeping
  • Meal preparation
  • Babysitting

What Marraine Tendresse has to offer:

  • Personalized support
  • Training on diverse topics related to babies and parenthood
  • Get-together events to have discussions with other sponsors

This respite service for families is essentially dependent on the voluntary commitment of women citizens. Without volunteers, Marraine Tendresse de l’Estrie would not exist, which is why we take to heart the well-being and satisfaction of our sponsors. During the process for your pairing, we will make sure you feel comfortable and fulfilled in your experience with families.

How to become a volunteer


The first step is to contact us by telephone at 819-562-0406, by e-mail, or by using the form below. We will take the time to explain everything and to answer any of your questions.


If this sounds like a good fit for you, we will make an appointment to meet. During this in-person meeting, we will get to know each other and fill in the forms required for your volunteer commitment.


Once we have contacted the two references you provide, you will become part of our great team of volunteers, and we will pair you as soon as the right opportunity arises.


I was fortunate enough to meet two sponsors, and I was really impressed: they are extraordinary, loving, gentle, and generous women. I greatly appreciated their support, especially as they made no judgments on me or my approach.